Monday, March 31, 2014

'Sweet' relief from boring history

The girl model has perfectly portrayed immense shock on her face.
A teenage schoolgirl is reading a chapter from her history textbook in a moderate voice. She’s sitting on a swing which is rocking back and forth. She’s trying to remind different dates (timeline) subjected with rulers of Delhi sultanate (India) and she seems faded up doing so. Suddenly, boredom and sadness on her face turns into an awful shock.

An old man with an attire of sultan, with two young men, suddenly appears from nowhere. They hold the swing in such a way that the girl can have up-close look at them. The old sultan introduces himself as Babar (first Mongol ruler) and two men as Humayun (his son) and Akbar (his grandson) respectively. He kindly confesses that he cannot change the history even if studying and remembering (timeline) it is pain in her neck.

He offers a candy to soothe distress and boredom caused by exercising her brain out of disinterest. She puts the candy in her mouth while surprise, terror and sadness are being expressed by her innocent face in intermixed way. Finally, she starts feeling relaxed and asks them if they have accounts on Facebook as Babar is sitting next to her on swing.

Two great elements the director has used in this commercial - one is putting swing in whole picture and second is using a girl model that has large eyes. Swing has brought careless or childish approach whereas model did a great job by showing macro and micro expressions of different emotions with varying degrees perfectly. Watch this video in full screen mode.


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