Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Furniture to You!

Couple conflicting over choice of furniture
He is trying to appear as an active participant in making choices but she always overrides him and dominates him in making choices. This might be the very first time he is going to pick furniture. He is very excited about same but she simply turns it down by saying, “He wants to pick up the furniture this time.”. Whole scene has just started to become very interesting.

She openly and subtly to contradicts with him whatever he tries to put forth something about choosing furniture. Patting on his forehand, raising chin, whispering in derogatory tone, making eyes bigger, smiling with contempt and convey her way of dominating, downplaying and contradicting with him.

Finally, he comes with something in sadness which makes her to surprise. She expresses her agreement instantaneously which equally makes him to surprise. She replies to expression of surprise with humming (HMMM) as if she is indirectly asking him, “Did you just say something?’. Happy ending of conflict!

In this short commercial clip, many macro and micro facial expressions and gestures can be detected. Director has wisely chosen both male and female mode. Both of them have done well with their body language in this commercial. Do watch it on YouTube.

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