Sunday, August 10, 2014

Speed thrills but kills...without mercy!

Deeply frightened, miserable and hopeless father cannot save himself and his son from fatal car crash on a seemingly empty road. Who would the culprit be? The father himself. How come? Being an overconfident and a rash driver, he thinks that he could easily negotiate a turn and leave another car behind him which is moving with moderate speed.

“Mate, I’m so sorry. I thought it was time.” says the ill fated father with misery on his face and trace of an apology in voice, after he walks out from his car. The other person expresses helplessness in avoiding what’s going to happen within just few moments from now by spreading his open palms in front of him. The other person clearly knows that he is driving at correct speed at that time.

“Come on, mate! It was a simple mistake.” says the ill fated father in his defense which the other person would forgive him for but not his car at all. “Please! I’ve got my boy in the back.” says the father and the other person take a look at it. The boy looks back at him with an expressionless face as if he’s already dead, knowing that this tragedy was definitely going to happen someday due to his father’s rash driving.

“I’m sorry!” says the other person and gets back into his car. Helpless father almost breaks into tears after realizing that probably this unavoidable accident is going to cost him his son’s life. His puts his both hands behind his neck, accepting his defeat and gets back into his car. The way he glances at his son takes hold of our hearts. Father’s face conveys what's about to happen.

Very fastidious and realistic commercial created by New Zealand Transport Agency to make people aware about road safety. Not just body language of every character but also location and costume of adult male actors perfectly matches with underlying message the agency wants to pass. Do watch this commercial and appreciate the power of emotional expressions and overall body language effect.

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(This article openly promotes patience, vigilance and other good practices while driving on road.)