Saturday, January 12, 2013

A ridiculed fake smile

"Hey, Happy Birthday! Let's take a picture." says a young lady to a birthday boy. He seems not so enthusiastic to get himself captured by camera and throw a party. Putting his best efforts to pose for a picture, he portrays a big fake smile on his face. His facial expressions are enough to be ridiculed. The lady laughs over about his fake smile and shares his photo on social media.

People who receive his photo start using their own imaginations to put this fake smiling birthday boy in different odd scenes and situations. They crop his face and add different sort of accessories to it. One person attaches his face to a tree climbing creature too. People keep forwarding his pictures to other on social media.

While eating birthday cake alone at his desk, the birthday boy starts receiving "Happy Birthday" messages on his cell phone. He's surprised to see amount of message being received because he is unaware of what's happening on social media

Nice commercial emphasizing on importance of enthusiasm and genuine smile! Watch full video on YouTube.

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