Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let's go for it again, girl!

Nike's TV Commercial for Women seeking fitness
Women always have been insecure about their body image, beauty, appeal and attractiveness. So-called standards set by TV Commercials (including this one), genetically-gifted models, movie-stars and endorsers are forcing both men and women to push their boundaries farther and farther to achieve and maintain optimum level of health, wellness and good looks. Considering today's stressful, sedentary and fast life-style; paying conscious attention to health, endurance and fitness is mandatory. Exercise is a new mania in modern world.

This TV Commercial wisely leverages (subtle) nonverbal expressions of suspicion, jealousy, distress, discomfort, exhaustion and amazement that are generally given-away by women in crowded and at public places. Moreover, most of these models representing ordinary women seeking fitness have given-away self-jugdemental or self-evaluating nonverbal clues very smartly. Very nice commercial to watch!

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(This article openly promotes women's health and fitness but not the actual product(s), brand or manufacturer.)

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